EFT Tapping Training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
This is one of our most popular annual offerings! Take EFT Level 1, 2 and Matrix
Reimprinting together or alone in sunny South Florida in January!
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Alina here
It was great to see how other people (you) facilitate. I feel like I have more tools and I have ways to facilitate EFT in a more effective and efficient way. It was great fun learning and moving through difficult feelings and challenges."

"I have taken numerous similar workshops with you and each time I learn something new and exciting about myself. My interest was held as much this time as the first time. You have such positive energy and your training ability is unsurpassed." A. Lieberman

"I participated in a workshop given by Alina, and it was the best workshop I have ever attended (and I have attended hundreds). I am a clinical psychologist, and am beginning to use EFT in my practice. Alina is an amazing practitioner and teacher. I would highly recommend her."- D.C Chicago. IL

"What an awesome workshop. Thank you for your "team leadership" it is wonderful and so delightful to see how you enhance each other's incredible skills." T.D. Seattle

*For Oregon Massage Therapists; The Oregon Board of Massage Therapists does not approve or deny any specific
continuing education courses. If this course is shown to be relevant to, pertaining to, usable in and enhances a
massage therapist’s practice, then it qualifies for CE credit and may include “a very wide range of courses.”

*For Naturopathic Physicians in the State of Washington, our assessment of the coursework offered appears to meet
the criteria for continuing education hours as set forth in the Washington WAC 246-83 and RCW 18.36A.040 under
the categories of physical modalities and suggestion.
*For Naturopathic Physicians in the State of Oregon, our assessment of the  coursework provided appears to meet the
criteria for continuing education hours as set forth in  the Oregon Administrative Rules in Division 40 3850-040-0210

*For Nurses in the State of Washington:  Acceptance of CEs for continuing education obtained through this course is
appropriate for continuing competency as set forth by nursing commission WAS 246-840-202(4)

*For Washington Mental Health Counselors LMHC, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, LMFT or Licensed
Social Workers, LSW, the Washington Department of Health does not review, approve or deny any specific
continuing education courses, however we have found this course material to meet the requirements as appropriate
for continuing coursework as relevant to and "contributes to the advancement, extension and enhancement of the
professional competence of the therapist/counselor and social worker." as per WAC 246-809-610(2a)

*For Oregon Licensed Professional Counselors(LPC) and Therapists (LMFT); CEs are offered for this course with
certificate of completion that are provided in alignment with the requirements of a webinar based educational
program that falls within the category of techniques that may be employed within  the context of "the helping
relationship, group dynamics and lifestyle development" as provided by a private entity that holds professional
certification, as per the requirements of the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists.

*Teachers/Educators in the State of Washington may be eligible for Washington clock hours
*Teachers/Educators in the State of Oregon may be eligible for PDUs (Professional Development Units)
Please check withy your district human resources to be assured of the acceptability of Washington Clock hours or
Oregon PDUs.

*While it is our determination that continuing education hours are appropriate for the above named professions
within the states as listed, it is still the responsibility of each student to verify the appropriate application of this
course work within their individual profession as set forth by their state's licensing requirements with regards to
approved continuing education requirements.